Pengwin’s Tell All

considering the value of a Nilla Wafer

I seek suspicion where it’s seldom found.  I force paranoia out from under every pebble it once crouched, with one eye eternally open.  I stifle serenity with question marks.  I function with my back turned to reality.  And, I socialize in blindfolded intervals.  That’s how I paddle around this coastal plain.

I like vanilla buttercream, tar-tasting coffee, WWII, the bunny that perpetually combs the grass beneath my lawn chair, my ottoman, salt water, competitive sleeping, and bleaching my bathroom.

I somehow finished college with making a grand total of only two people cry.  And, I have degrees in Elementary Education and Writing Arts.  Guess which one I found less regulatory and more valuable to my continuum of perceivable sanity.


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