Evening Time Slot.

Kristen Peraset

Evaluating Writing

Writing Assignment 4

Roy Peter Clark emphasizes how “a seemingly extraneous detail” can foreshadow violence.  At a first glance, the blue blanket with a hole “that appeared to be singed from a shotgun blast” has a foreign quality—so what, it could have been an Allen Iverson pillow case, does that suggest murderous implications?  I think, actually, it closes the gap between an adolescent and a heinous crime.  Yes, a blue blanket belonging to an eleven-year old can bear DNA and ballistic evidence necessary to lock him up for good.  The Associated Press claims “police found the blanket in the farmhouse.”  Hardened criminals don’t reside in farmhouses!  Or, do they?  The language used is friendly, familiar and sort of awakens us to what our hobby farm neighbors may be concealing.  Such juxtapositions (like farmhouse and death penalty) bring a murder hundreds of miles away to an uncomfortable few feet from our mailbox.

Just as Clark mentions, the wording in this article appears “tough and plain.”  It’s a very succinct account from the police and a County District Attorney about a small-town homicide. The shotgun used to commit the crime is described as “a Christmas present, and used […] to win a turkey shoot on Valentine’s Day.  How neutral and relatable.




My own rant

I selected Fox News to prove it’s a reliable source for new-related content.  Whether or not a small-town murder is news is another waste of contention.  But, I don’t see conservatism screaming at me here.  What I can assume is that the same story presented on MSNBC’s website blames the shotgun manufacturer and is already seeking a lawyer dumb enough to pursue a million-dollar settlement of sorts.  Fox News may lack the abundant elitism emanating from MSNBC, but that does not discount its qualifications as a valid news source for me.  Also, let it be known that Rachel Maddow is an idiot who has been privileged with an evening time slot to promote the far-left agenda.  I tune into Sean Hannity instead.


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