Angst In A Nutshell

According to Roy Peter Clark, “journalists must not merely make information available to audiences but […], seek to bridge their intentions with the differing expectations and experiences of those who turn to the news.”  Recently, any discussion over current United States immigration policies and border control transitions into a full-fledged dispute—there are too many people with too many opinions.  What Randal C. Archibald, of The New York Times, does in this article about Mexican drug violence is pace his information.  There are those ultra-civil rights types who would take one look at the article titled “Wave of Drug Violence is Creeping into Arizona From Mexico” and immediately assault the Times for not considering the Mexicans who aren’t selling crack off their backs (but, that is extreme since the Times already is the most overtly liberal publication of its kind).

Archibald, first, opts to inform the reader that “the drug trade has long brought violence to the state” and he lets you know this isn’t one circumstance that occurred yesterday.  He continues to pace his allowance of detail by initially telling about the home-invasions and kidnappings.  He convinces the reader of the brutal mutilations in Mexico to drive home the fear (We can’t have that hear!).  And, in true Times style, he offers up another piece of world-saving anti-gun legislation proposed by “a Republican who favors gun rights.”  A Republican.  Extraneous detail, Mr. Clark?  I think not.


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